Just Two Salty Bois, Here to Bring the Flavour.

Guy Fieri Might have the keys to ‘Flavour Town’, but we have the keys to the ‘Flavour Valley’ keys, ahem, Fraser Valley.

During 2020 and most of 2021, COVID 19 had most of our region and Canada locked down. Restricted indoor dining at restaurants and safety concerns meant that many people decided to rely more on home-cooked meals (sometimes for the first time).

One of the things we noticed was that a lot of store-bought seasonings included ingredients with syllables we couldn’t pronounce and questioned the healthy-ness for our families.

So, we started to experiment with making our own seasonings with simple recipes. Wanting to support the local producers in our community in this odd time, we focused on using fresh local ingredients from the abundant offerings of the Fraser Valley. 

In doing so, we found that we were definitely on to something.

It wasn’t long before the homemade photos became the envy of our friends. This is when we decided that we could and should share what we had come up with with the world.

Armed with ingredients we could pronounce and sourcing from local producers who we could meet (at a distance of course), the experimentation yielded some home runs, and crowd-pleasers. 

So as things return to a new normal, and gathering for a meal becomes a thing again, you too may want to show off your newly honed home cooking skills with our salts and impress your loved ones with the flavours of the Valley. 

We’re Renold and Rob - just two salty bois from BC - and it’s with great excitement to welcome back BBQs, say ‘Hello’ to family dinners, and text our friends to come over for lunch with the official opening of the Fraser Valley Salt Company.

Handcrafted. Small Batch. Locally Produced. Perfectly Seasoned.


Rob Aleong & Renold Liu
The (self-proclaimed) mayors of the ‘Flavour Valley’