Welcome, Catherine our inaugural guest cook!

It’s with salty applause that we welcome our first guest cook to Fraser Valley Salt Company! 

Fraser Vally Salt: Welcome Catherine! What’s shakin’?

Catherine: Other than the amazing salty favours? Lol. Shameless plug! I’m getting paid for this right?

FVS: … so what got you started in food?

C: Oh my dad! He’s an amazing home chef. He was the person that prepared all the food when I was little. What inspired me was his confidence and boldness to try new ingredients and flavours. It’s one of those things that stuck with me all these years. 

FVS: Nice, so sounds like you got into the food game pretty young. 

C: Yeah, watching my dad cook made me realize that all the wonderful dishes that we saw at the restaurants were achievable at home given enough time, patience, and skill. So that really removed a mental barrier and gave me the confidence to also try my hand at it.

FVS: So what kind of foods do you like eating?

C: All sorts of foods! But seafood by FAR is my favourite. Shimp, lobster, salmon, oysters, scallops - YUM! GIMME. A close runner-up to seafood are dishes with Asian flavour profiles. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy the good smoked BBQ or fresh salad or veggies.

FSV: NICE! Got any funny food-related stories?

C: Lol. When my husband I first started dating, we used to watch Food Network ALL the time. In fact, I don’t think we watched shows, news, or sports - just Food Network. So instead of Netflix and chill, it was Netflix and ‘grill’. Hahaha, get it?


C: Lol, and he STILL married me. 

FSV: Ha! He’s a lucky man! Thank you for being our guest cook! We can’t wait to see the amazing foods you use our flavouring salts on!