The Sampler

Can't decide amongst our Savoury Salt flavours? Don't like making decisions? We hear ya, so why not just take them all and save a little while you're at it.

The Sampler is just that, a sample of each of our flavours so you can pick your own favorite, or if you already love them buy the larger sizes and save vs buying them individually.

Small Bundle contains:

40g BBQ, 40g Rosemary Salt, 80g Black Salt, 30g Flakey, 60g Pink Salt, 40g Bacon Salt, 60g Truffle Salt

Medium Bundle contains: 
80g BBQ, 80g Rosemary Salt, 150g Black Salt, 60g Flakey, 120g Pink Salt, 85g Bacon Salt, 120g Truffle Salt

Large Bundle contains:
160g BBQ, 160g Rosemary Salt, 300g Black Salt, 120g Flakey, 240g Pink Salt,170g Bacon Salt, 240g Truffle Salt


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